What's Freakmodeling?

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Military modeling tries to reproduce reality as closely as possible.
Up to the latest screw, buckle and camouflage tone.
We, military modelers, are therefore subjects to reality, enclosed in the military history of planet Earth and its corresponding soldiers, armored vehicles, camouflaging, …
With Freakmodeling, we want to widen these limits in a simple and achievable way, to give more space to imagination and offer new challenges to the modeler without losing a certain rigor.
To this effect we have invented a fictive world at war: Terrascratch, a battle space for other A.F.V. models, new types of artillery, different uniforms... ALL exclusively based on existing models in our planet history from 1935 to nowadays.
Who hasn’t imagined the Panther hull crowned with a Tiger tower?
What would a 1944 American uniform look like with some “splinter” camouflage?
How about armored vehicles and infantry with blue winter camouflage? 
These combinations are not possible in the reality of planet Earth, the one we modelers already know and reproduce. Things go different in Terrascratch. This is the new “reality” presented by Freakmodeling: start from what we are already modeling and modify it, recombine it into new types of soldiers and armored vehicles; usual green, brown, ochre and snow white environments and surprising purple, orange and blue snow landscapes; with their own camouflaging...
In short, a bigger and wider frame, where to express our imagination. 
The basic idea of Freakmodeling is very simple:
  • combine the chassis of armored vehicles with the towers of other      armored vehicles.
  • combine the uniforms, camouflage and weaponry of different armed    forces (Soviet infantry with camouflage coat and English helmet).
  • create new environments and fields
  • offer unusual colors in vegetation, grounds, snow…
All the information about this new world is available in the different menus. To understand all the possibilities given by this new frame, we advise you to check first the sections.

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