Environments Introduction


The main distinguishing feature in Terrascratch is La Franja, two areas that run vertically the planet. In these two areas, Nodux gives water a bluish tone, vegetation takes violet and orange colors. On the other hand, Terraverda environment (without Nodux) keeps water transparent and vegetation with green shades.



These two areas marks armour and soldiers camouflage patterns:


  • Terraverda: green, brown, yellow, gray, white ...

  • La Franja: orange, purple, blue ...




Apart from La Franja and Terraverda,  Terrascratch has 2 typical environments: Sahago deserts and Serengrey savannahs.

   Display # 
1 Sahago Desert
2 Serengrey
3 La Franja
4 Terraverda
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