Square guns

This section shows differents square guns used by all Terrascratch Coalitions.

Square gun was a personal bet of Ang Olaffson (Frontline Steelworks owner and engineer). Criticized and ridiculed at first, the excellent quality and performance of their designs soon became materpieces.

This success was due both to the components and the secret process used by Frontline Steelworks, which gave their guns better performance and increased tube life.

Using square guns:

- Frontline Steelworks has no preferred customers, so square guns are employed by all coalitions.
- Square guns were Mars desings improvements, so never were found in early models.
- Square guns were designed to be mounted on different types of tanks. Being more expensive, and to assist in logistics,  squareguns tanks were grouped in elite companies and fighting groups.
- Usually, square guns tanks follow this designation:
Tank name + Gun name (eg. TK-7 Abrelatas 76, Md-47 Abrelatas 101 ...).
- Square guns installation requires mantlet´s adaptation or new mantlet.
- Frontline Steelwork logo´s was stamped in all guns.


Frontline Steelworks

Square guns blueprints:

- Blueprints scale is 1/35.
- Black line indicates barrel outside, red line means  barrel inside.
- Due to mantlets variety, barrel outside is measured from turret front withers.


Abrelatas 76  Md-40 turret


Abrelatas 76 Diente de Dragón turret


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