Armour Insignias

All coalitions shows a national flag and a divisional insignia. Normally, national insignia and numbering were painted on turret sides, while divisional insignia appeared on glacis plate. Numerous variations were present in different corps, divisions and even regiments.

- Countries of La Coalición del Norte places  national insignia between the numbers and the back of the turret, and divisional insignia in the central part of the glacis plate.

- Members of Los Honorables places national insignia  between the front of the turret and the numbers, and divisional insignia on the right side of the glacis plate.

- Countries of vanguardia Revolucionaria paints his national flag between the front of the turret and numbers, while the divisional is placed on the left side of the glacis plate.

Example: F.S.V., Coalición del Norte.


Example: Sefarbien, Los Honorables.

Example: Norterra, Vanguardia Revolucionaria.

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